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Interesting Facts About Tom Selleck’s Moustache


1.It’s called a ‘Chevron’

According to the American Mustache Institute, (you must be joking! we hear you say), Mr Selleck’s lip-warmer looks like a ‘Chevron’ style if we are judging their style guide properly. However, some of us think he may have been a ‘Walrus’ style, especially if he couldn’t be bothered grooming it for a while.

2. It’s got its own Facebook page

Yep, it does. More than 27,000 likes as well, which isn’t too shabby.

3. It’s got a YouTube tribute

Thanks to Buchan39 on Youtube, we can now visualize what the little critter would look like in famous films down the years. We liked the ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Toy Story’ versions.

4. It’s not that manly, apparently

The Art of Manliness website, (we think it’s a spoof, but who knows?) includes the ‘tache in their review of the 35 Manliest Mustaches of All Time.

Question: Why 35? With Genghis Khan and the Sundance Kid on the list, Mr Selleck’s little furry friend should be proud to be there.


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